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Single-Component, 100% Solids,
Moisture-Cured Polyurethane Binders

IsoSPORT adhesives are designed for binding together particles (typically crumb rubber) used in the manufacture of running tracks, playgrounds, and other synthetic playsurfaces where energy absorption and other impact criteria are important. The cure profile of the products below vary depending on the intended application.

IsoBond™ JT182-2: Formulated to provide an extended working time when working with specially designed pavers typically used in the continuous application of running track systems on site. This product is the slowest curing system of the three binders.

IsoBond™ DR-05-038-3: Formulated with a cure profile and physical properties typically used for hand troweled playground applications. This product has a gel time similar to JT182-2 but cures somewhat faster.

IsoBond™ KL402-1: Formulated with a cure profile typically used in manufacturing rubber mats in controlled plant conditions. This product is designed to gel and cure much faster than the other two products for reduced cycle times in plant manufacturing conditions.